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Reloop Looping App For Android

Compose and produce music quickly using loops and one-shot samples with ReLoop Music Sequencer, the loop-based production tool with a simple interface and powerful editing abilities. Using drag and drop interaction, ReLoop lets you copy, paste, slice, snap, zoom, and resize preloaded and original loops with CD quality stereo sound.
A Portable Production Studio.

When choosing the WAV loops and samples for your track, you can preview new loops in real time to see if they fit your song. Cut, stretch, and edit your way to a finely tuned creation of unlimited length with excellent quality playback. The sample accurate engine keeps timing precise.

When you’re done, you can export your finished masterpiece to a WAV file and share it with friends and colleagues or tweak it with new tracks using ReLoop again.
ReLoop Music Sequencer
Shrink or stretch tracks and adjust playback length

The Slice option splits an event in two pieces. Use this feature to cut a sample into small chunks and move it around or edit it out.

The Insert feature adds spaces (from one measure to one sixteenth of measure) into the timeline at any point to break them up as a quick alternative to slicing and stretching.

The Mixer button brings up the mixer board to adjust the volume levels of each of the ten tracks on screen (from full to mute).

You can even stretch a project’s original BPM from one half to twice the initial value with the BPM button. New loops automatically stretch to fit the BPM of the project.

Directly Import WAV files exported from Electrum Drum Machine, also from developer nikotwenty
View or turn off the waveform of your audio loops
Learn basic use and advanced file naming, saving, and uploading details to get the most out of ReLoop Music Sequencer
Expect new features to come; updates are always free

Reploop is available for $2.99